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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Business & Leadership coaching?

Coaching is a thought-provoking conversation that empowers individuals with the answers they need to navigate challenges, maximize opportunities, and grow into even better versions of themselves. At Positive Ripples, coaching is an opportunity to build a relationship between the coach and client so they may discover the client's strengths, recognize their obstacles, and push through to their solutions, all so the client can be inspired to live and work to the fullest. Each coaching session is structured to best facilitate growth during our time together. The client sets the agenda with the challenge, habit, or goal they would like to focus on and why that particular topic is important to their success. Then together, we work to identify the obstacles getting in the way of success, the opportunities to grow through the process, and the actions needed to move forward. Our objective is to provide the client with the tools and inspiration they need to live and work to their fullest potential so that they, in turn, can build stronger and healthier businesses and teams and positively influence the world around them.

2. Is Coaching Like Counseling? (and other misconceptions)

Coaching is not counseling because it focuses on where an individual or team is in the present and where they want to be in the future by helping clients gain clarity about their vision, minimize or eliminate obstacles to their growth, accelerate success, and achieve results that help them live life to the fullest. Coaching is not consulting because the client is responsible for the work and the results, while the coach is a catalyst for change and growth. Coaching is not mentoring because it focuses on developing clients based on their strengths, goals, and vision by asking thought-provoking questions. The client has the answers they need within them, while the coach creates a safe and creative environment for them to uncover them.

3. How can a Coach really help me?

Running a business or leading within a business is hard work, and the saying "heavy is the head that wears the crown" rings true for many. But you don't have to go it alone with the support of a business & leadership coach. Coaching offers: 1. Accountability 2. Attainable Goals 3. Organization 4. Strategic planning 5. Creative solutions 6. Self-confidence 7. Well-being 8. Fresh perspectives 9. Personal and professional growth 10. Leadership development According to the International Coaching Federation, research shows that 80% of people who receive coaching have an increase in self-confidence, and over 70% experience improved job performance, relationships, and communication. Additionally, 86% of companies that provide coaching to their employees reported that the return on investment was met or exceeded.

4. Who Do You Work With?

We work with the business owner and team leaders to support and equip them to make positive effects within the business as a whole. Depending on your business's size, we offer a selection of team services, but most of our services are intended for those in leadership positions.

5. What Areas Do You Serve?

Thanks to modern technology, we are able to serve you regardless of your physical location. We are located in Central Pennsylvania, but consider ourselves to be a resource to businesses everywhere.

6. Can I Afford Your Services?

We understand that money is a significant determinant in the decision-making process. If you were to add up the time and resources you use dealing with your challenges, how much do you think you spend just on managing your challenges? So if you could save yourself and your business that money, time, and resources by participating in ongoing coaching, would the cost of our services be worth it?

7. Do I have Time for Coaching?

We understand that time is limited and that every minute counts when it comes to running your business. Often we think we need more time because we need to learn how to use our time wisely. How much time do you think you spend managing your challenges on your own? If you could save time addressing the challenges and build healthy habits like time management, prioritizing, and delegation, would you have the time to spend an hour 4 (or 2) times a month on developing yourself and your business to get the results that will help you thrive?

8. What If I'm Not Very Disciplined?

We understand that it can be challenging to hold yourself accountable for building new habits and thought patterns, but the good news is that you’re not alone. The better news is that by participating in coaching, we will hold you accountable for the actions you commit to! How much easier do you think it is to do what you need to ensure you and your business are thriving when you have someone in your corner cheering you on and helping you push through the obstacles to your success?

9. Do I have to Have a Service Contract?

We understand that service contracts can be intimidating, and a year can seem like a long commitment, and if at any point you feel like you aren’t getting the value from the coaching you hoped for, we can terminate the service agreement. That being said, change doesn’t happen overnight, so when we ask you to commit to a year of coaching, we're not asking you to commit to us; we're asking you to commit to yourself and your business because growth is a lifelong process, and a year is just the starting point.

10. Do We Have to Meet In-Person?

While we love the face-to-face interaction, we do not have to meet in person if that is your preference or your availability does not allow it. Be sure to make your preference knowns during the discovery preference.

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