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The First Ripple

"Nothing compares to doing what you
were created to do."

-- John C. Maxwell

Natalie will tell you that she has spent her life figuring out who she is and what she was created to do, and from that, Positive Ripples Coaching was born. 

Early in life, she learned that though she didn't have much control over her circumstances, the one thing she did have control of was herself. She had a choice in her thoughts and actions, she could control what she allowed to influence her, and she could determine the type of person she wanted to be.

She won't tell you that it was an easy road -- that she didn't lose sight of herself from time to time or make more than her share of mistakes -- but she will tell you that the key to reaching your potential is to grow through what you go through.


While completing her Master's degree in Organizational Leadership, Natalie was introduced to the Business & Leadership Coaching profession when her employer considered hiring a coach to help grow his business. Shortly thereafter, she was introduced to the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, and both of these discoveries changed the trajectory of her career path and her life.

She had always had a passion for growing and developing herself. Still, the more she learned about herself and who she wanted to be, the better she understood how she could use her talents, education, and experience to participate in something bigger than herself by helping others grow and develop too. 

Today, we are just a one-woman show. But now, Natalie dreams of growing this business and creating a legacy that will continue to change the way the world does business long after she is gone.

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Growing Through Chapters

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