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Natalie Fox
Meet Natalie Fox

Natalie Fox, founder of Positive Ripples Coaching, is passionate about helping business owners and team leaders create healthy and happy workplaces that inspire people to be their best. 


She started Positive Ripples Coaching because she believes every individual has a positive or negative influence on the people they encounter.


Because we spend so much time working, what better way to change the world than to serve business owners who want to intentionally create positive effects in their workplaces?

Water Ripple
Positive Ripples Coaching offers strengths-based business and leadership coaching and training.
We believe that businesses and the people that make them possible create ripples in the world.
As we better understand ourselves and those around us, we can be intentional in our thoughts, words, and actions, and in doing so, we develop healthy relationships.
And We create positive ripples.
Our mission
To inspire and serve business owners by helping them build healthy relationships with themselves, their people, their work, and their business so that they can maximize their growth, achieve their goals, and positively influence the world around them.
Our vision
To create a world where every person works in a positive and healthy environment doing what they were created to do.
Lifted Hands
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