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Water Ripple

Discover what makes You and Your Team Unique

Through Facilitated Assessments

No two people are the same, but most of us don't have the understanding or the words to effectively express what makes us unique, let alone intentionally operate out of our natural talents. If there is something we understand, it is what we don't do well and what we need to "fix." At Positive Ripples, we have made two assessments foundational to our coaching and training methods -- The Maxwell DISC Method and Gallup's CliftonStrengths.​

These assessments are tools that help individuals and teams better understand their unique preferences, tendencies, and talents so that they can begin to know and accept themselves and others while building intentional lives. While we acknowledge that other useful assessments are available to the public, we have chosen these three because they focus on bringing awareness to an individual's natural preferences, tendencies, and talents without categorizing people or emphasizing weaknesses. It is our belief that when people understand, develop and utilize what comes most naturally to them they are healthier, happier, and more successful in their personal and professional lives. Research shows that individuals who focus on and develop what they do best are three times more likely to experience excellent quality of life and six times as likely to be engaged in their careers. ​ Of course, focusing on what we do best doesn’t mean that there isn’t room to improve or that we will never have to operate in ways that do not come as naturally, but having a deeper understanding of who we are allows us to work towards overcoming potential blind spots, live more effectively and find ways to change our perspective when we feel like we need to operate in a less natural way. Assessments are also beneficial in the Team setting. Whether you are seeking to better understand your spouse, your children, your colleagues, or your direct reports, assessments help us to be better communicators and understand and relate to the people around us. Not only does this help us increase our productivity in a more harmonious environment, it helps us develop and strengthen our relationships. It helps us make positive ripples in the world around us.

Our Assessments

Why People do What they do:
The Maxwell Disc Method Assessment

At Positive Ripples, we see the DISC assessment as a tool to better understand “why” people do what they do. This assessment focuses on an individual’s natural tendencies in the areas of decision making, communication, relationship and change management, and information processing. Through a series of questions, the DISC assessment will provide the individual with three graphs with four plotted points. The points that are above the midline are the most natural preferences and tendencies. However, an individual is still composed of all four plot points. While the position of each gives useful information into why people typically behave the way they do, these plot points can fluctuate depending on the circumstances. The graphs indicate three “masks” or states. The first graph indicates how the individual believes others see them or how they portray themselves to others. The second graph shows the individual’s most natural tendencies when under stress or pressure. The third graph illustrates how the individual sees themselves. Check out Natalie's results for a closer look.

How People do What They Do:
The CliftonStrengths Assessment

The CliftonStrengths assessment is conducted through an intensive questionnaire that sorts 34 themes based on an individual’s responses. The top five themes (1-5) are known as the dominant talents and are the most natural talents exhibited by the individual. The following five themes (6-10) are known as the supporting talents and are talents that may not be as noticeable or intense as the first group but are often used to support the dominant talents. The remaining 24 themes are known as the lesser talents because they do not come as naturally to the individual. ​ At Positive Ripples, we consider this assessment the “how” people do what they do. When intentional practice is applied to these natural talents, an individual develops a strength. Once a talent becomes a strength, the individual is able to operate more consistently out of the balcony of their talent, bringing positivity to their life and relationships. Comparatively, if a person does not take the time to develop their talent intentionally, they will often operate out of the basement, which has a more negative impact on them and those around them. ​ Check out Natalie's results for a closer look.

Our Services

Individual Assessment Package

Discover what makes you unique with our Individual Assessment Package!

What's included:

  • (1) Keycode to the assessment of your choice

  • (1) 60-minute coaching session to dive into your results for deeper understanding and application

Team Assessment Package

Discover what makes your team unique with our Team Assessment Package!

What's included:

  • (1) Keycode to the assessment of your choice for each participating team member

  • (1) 60-minute coaching session for each team member to dive into their individual results for deeper understanding and application

  • (1) Corporate training to help you and your team use your individual results to form a cohesive team

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Whatever your reason for seeking out a coach, you've come to the right place.
At Positive Ripples Coaching, we value people and intentionally add value to them. We would love to connect with you and serve you through whichever services best fit your needs.

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