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What People Say

Leslie Temple, PA

My name is Leslie Temple and I’ve been in the banking industry for over 30 years, and I’ve participated in a lot of training and coaching.  What I really appreciated about Natalie’s approach through Positive Ripples Coaching was how she tailored our conversations to how I could best use my strengths to achieve my goals, both professionally and personally. By using a tool that she has become comfortable with and is certified to use, she was able to help me review these strengths and find ways to intentionally incorporate them into my life. I now have these strengths posted at my desk with my personal word for 2023 which is “Intention”. I knew that many of my strengths fell into building and forming lasting relationships, but after my coaching session, I felt more confident in relying on these strengths to not only work more effectively, but to be a better partner for my team. I also learned that working overtime to overcome less obvious talents takes a ton of energy. Natalie worked with our team, and we learned which colleagues we could rely on to tap into their top strengths for more win/win situations. We had important team conversations we would not have had without Natalie, and it has made us work together better to serve our customers.

John Yoder, PA

​Positive Ripples is an excellent resource for any person or organization that is striving for that positive effect.  We all have had these types of exercises before but Natalie and Positive Ripples stands apart. PR stands apart because the direct focus is your strengths and talents and that of your team.  The program helps you thrive and develop using the strengths you already have.  Highlighting concepts like why your strength is unique and why you succeed with it, also showing potential blind spots.  Have the “balcony/basement” conversation, it’ll get you thinking!   Natalie facilitated an amazingly constructive discussion within our team.  Natalie shows that getting more familiar with your strengths really does help you be a better teammate.   As soon as I received the certificate of talent it made me think.  I began to be more mindful of my own talents and the effects around me.  Positive Ripples is highly recommended for any discussion using individual and team talents and strengths to succeed.

Ben Wilhelm, PA

​I have known Natalie for the better part of 8 years. Our relationship started when she joined my team as our Administrative Assistant, but we remained friends even after she left the company to pursue other dreams. Since returning to the area, Natalie has used her experience and knowledge to assist me in my personal and professional growth. ​During our conversations, Natalie is an active listener, allowing me to verbally process my thoughts and emotions. At the same time, she offers insightful questions that challenge my thinking and move me toward intentional action. She always emphasizes faith, purpose, and God-given giftings over any perceived weakness or self-doubt.  ​Recently, she conducted training for myself and my team utilizing the DISC and CliftonStrengths assessments. Through 1:1 coaching and group facilitation, we gained a greater understanding of our unique preferences and talents and how we could use them to promote healthy relationships with ourselves and each other. She also conducted a DISC assessment for a job candidate, and provided me with a detailed debrief on the candidate's personality and preferences to help determine if we would be a good fit for each other. ​Natalie is an intelligent and compassionate person who has found a way to use her God-given strengths to positively influence the world around her, and I feel blessed to know that she is part of my inner circle.

The Electric Way, Co

When Natalie joined The Electric Way, my family-owned and operated electrical contracting company, we were operating out of my home with three of our four owners doing the majority of the work. I was trying to juggle the business, my family, and volunteering in my community as well as at my kids' schools and quickly realized this was too much. Within weeks of bringing Natlaie onboard as our Administrative Assistant, we realized we had found a gem! Natalies' natural leadership qualities allowed her to step right into the role of Administrative Assistant and more. She became an active participant of our leadership team. Natalie is dedicated, hard working and was great with our customers, she had a way of seeing our business and the challenges we faced in a new light. She played a key role in making our company one of the best ranked electrical contractors in Colorado Springs, CO, by our customers and our employees. During her five years with us, Natalie demonstrated a heart for providing our customers with the best possible service and our employees with a healthy and affirming work environment. She was also a strong advocate for business and personnel development within our company and made it her priority to create a safe space for all Team members to learn and grow regardless of their position within the company.  Though we were sad to see Natalie leave our company, we support her in pursuing her dream of being a full-time business and leadership coach. We know that she will make a difference in the lives and companies of her clients, just as she made that impact in our company and our lives. She is a bright light that helped shine positivity, growth and success in our business and lives. Thank you Natalie Fox.

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