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Our Services


Discover what makes you and your team unique

  • Assessments

    • Personality​

    • Communication

    • Strengths

    • Appreciation

    • Leadership


Identify how to effectively grow your team

  • Hiring Evaluations

    • ​Position Needs​

    • Team Needs

    • Leadership Needs​

    • Candidate Suitability

  • Culture Evaluation​


Develop healthy, happy, and thriving Teams that stick

  • Personal Growth Plans

  • Promotion Preparation

  • Appreciation Practices

  • Conflict Management

  • Culture Development
  • Succession Planning


get the support you need to build a successful business

  • Individual Coaching

    • Time Management​

    • Goal Strategies

    • Boundaries & Priorities

    • Leadership Development

    • Self-Confidence


My Name is Natalie Fox.

I started Positive Ripples Coaching because I believe every individual has a positive or negative influence on the people they encounter.


Because we spend so much time working, what better way to change the world than to serve business owners who want to intentionally create positive effects in their workplaces?

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What People Say

I knew that many of my strengths fell into building and forming lasting relationships, but after my coaching session, I felt more confident in relying on these strengths to not only work more effectively, but to be a better partner for my team.

Leslie Temple, PA

Positive Ripples is an excellent resource for any person or organization that is striving for that positive effect.  We all have had these types of exercises before but Natalie and Positive Ripples stands apart.

John Yoder, PA

During our conversations, Natalie is an active listener, allowing me to verbally process my thoughts and emotions. At the same time, she offers insightful questions that challenge my thinking and move me toward intentional action.

Ben Wilhelm, PA

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