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The Maxwell DISC Method


​Natalie's style is identified by the keyword "Peacemaker". As a Peacemaker style, Natalie is kind in nature and is very detail oriented. She is caring about the people around her and possess the qualities that make her very meticulous at task completion. ​ Preferring a rational and moderate approach when encountering new situations, Natalie tries to avoid extremes and usually avoids sudden changes in her environment or situation unless she has the time to thoroughly process the change. She is a realist who will always weigh options before making a decision to move ahead and thinks through alternatives and choices carefully before making any decisions. Natalie likes to clarify expectations before undertaking new projects and will follow a logical process to gain successful results. Because she cares about how others feel, Natalie often weighs how a decision will affect people, at times being overly cautious and may feel uncomfortable making decisions that strongly affect others. An encourager to others, Natalie often promotes involvement in the decision-making process. ​ Natalie wants stability and exhibits stability in relationships, needing a protected and secure environment. Natalie likes the company of others, but prefers a few close friends to many acquaintances and likes small groups rather than crowds; however, she is equally comfortable spending a quiet evening alone. In her personal and professional life, Natalie readily relinquishes personal interests and goals to accommodate others. Loyal to a fault, others may sometimes question her unwavering dedication to current relationships. The more stable and non confrontational the environment, the happier Natalie will be. She often keeps her feelings to herself and does not blow up easily. Others may not be aware of her strong feelings and beliefs and tend to see her as dependable, agreeable and humble.

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Learner, Developer, Individualization, Relator, Responsibility

Natalie leads with Relationship Building and has often been referred to as the glue that holds a team together. She has the unique ability to create groups and organizations that are much greater than the sum of their parts.


As a Learner, Natalie is motivated to continually acquire knowledge and skills and is energized by discovering new ways to use her talents. She is likely to escape from situations and avoid people who want her to keep doing what she already knows how to do well. She routinely pinpoints areas where she needs to make upgrades for the sake of efficiency and often develops new ideas and techniques to do what she does well even better. By nature, she loves the learning process as much as the new information and prefers to concentrate on activities, problems, opportunities or subjects that are interesting to her. Each time she acquires new information, she desires to share that information with others who need the same information. Because of her strengths, she frequently examines the factors leading up to an event to discover the reasons why things happened the way they did. She has a natural ability to pick up and absorb information quickly and challenges herself to continually learn more.


Driven by her talents, Natalie is naturally inclined to make sacrifices that benefit someone else. She enjoys being generous with her time, knowledge, skills, experiences, resources or possessions. In her dealings with people, she often knows the best time to speak, listen, advise or praise and her instincts allow her to ask questions in just the right way. She regularly goes out of her way to support, inspire, motivate or embolden various individuals and derives a sense of personal pleasure from honoring and praising individuals, noticing their accomplishments, knowledge, skills or talents. Natalie sees the raw potential in people and even the small signs of progress as she actively invests in their development. She loves to encourage others to learn, grow and improve.


Because of her strengths, Natalie enhances her own quality of life each time she comes to the assistance of individuals or groups that must invent new ways of doing everyday tasks and tackling never-before-tried projects. Her imaginative mind creates all sorts of novel ideas and she enjoys brainstorming. By nature, she is a good partner for someone who struggles to decide what is most important because she is able to help others narrow down their long lists of tasks and opportunities and urges them to concentrate on only the targets that deserve full-time attention. She has the ability to to offer people useful suggestions about what needs to be fixed, upgraded, renovated or done better, but she inspires others by telling them what they do well and intentionally looks for the good in people. She notices and appreciates each person's unique characteristics and instinctively knows how to bring out their best.


Natalie naturally forms genuine and mutually rewarding one-on-one relationships. Her authenticity allows her to build close, long-lasting connections that foster trust and confidence. She harbors very few illusions about who she really is, can admit her shortcomings and mistakes and can speak frankly about the areas where she needs to do things better. In addition, she trusts her intuition about what others are thinking, feeling or needing and often is able to share information and recommendations to help move people closer to their goals and solutions. Others often seek her guidance.


Because of her strengths, Natalie has a deep sense of dedication and she wants to be regarded as a highly reliable and dependable person. To create this impression for others, she consistently strives to do things even better, more completely, or more perfectly than she has in the past. She is a person of her word and her outward behavior demonstrates her reliability, often finding new and better ways to deliver on the commitments she has made. Others regard Natalie as a person who can be trusted to follow through on commitments and notice that she is organized, reliable, dependable, and efficient.

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Motivation by Appreciation

Quality Time
Words of Affirmation

Primary Appreciation Language:
Words of Affirmation

Natalie feels most appreciated when others use words to communicate a positive message. This positive affirmation can be in regards to her accomplishments, her character, or her personality. While there are many settings in which these words can be given, Natalie prefers to be appreciated in a personal, one-on-one setting or through written communication. While praise in front of others in an informal, small group setting may be acceptable, Natalie does not feel appreciated when she is required to be the center of attention or in front of a large group as a result of someone's affirmation.

Secondary Appreciation Language:
Quality Time

Natalie also feels appreciated when others spend quality time with her by participating in quality conversation or empathetic listening. For Natalie, quality conversation means a dialogue in a one-on-one or small, intimate group setting in which thoughts, feelings, and desires are shared in a friendly and uninterrupted context. Empathetic listening means that the other person or persons actively listen to Natalie's thoughts and feelings without trying to analyze the problem or offer solutions. She feels most appreciated by this language when it is given by people who are actively building an authentic relationship with her.

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